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Accedia at BG Careers Fair: UK and Germany editions

After a memorable trip to Frankfurt last weekend, we’d like to share more about an entirely new for us experience– Accedia took part in two career forums abroad, organized by BG Careers Fair – an organization aiming at meeting bright young Bulgarians overseas with leading employers. More than 600 attendees were provided the chance to meet representatives from sectors such as IT & BPO, telecoms, FMCGs, banking & insurance etc. as well as take part in workshops where they could get inside knowledge of the specifics of each business and be presented with numerous career and internship opportunities.

We took off last month in London, where our team met students from all over UK who were eager to share their ideas of a career start in Bulgaria, where they can apply their international experience in different areas such as marketing, management, social studies and of course, ICT. The event in Frankfurt attracted no less interest. Young Bulgarians based in Germany came to hear about the chances they can have, landing a job in some of the most advanced companies on the Bulgarian market. 

Accedia stood out with the opportunities for dynamic career development in clearly defined paths, friendly attitude and open work environment, encouraging team contribution. Besides overview of the sector and the company itself, our presentation featured a comparison between labor market conditions for IT related jobs in Bulgaria and UK and Germany respectively, in order to give proof for the potential to be realized and justify with actual figures a decision for return.

Alongside expanding our international foot print in a new direction, we were excited to find out there are talented young people who are actively seeking opportunities in their home country. This is one more reason for us to continue creating them and support dialogue between graduates and business.

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