Omni Capital Triples Revenue Thanks to Ultimate User Experience and Accedia on Side

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The need to innovate constantly could be a real game changer ahead of small- and mid-size players on the financial services playground. Demand-driven shifts in offerings and channels for interaction call for a new vision where the provider becomes an integral part of the customer lifestyle.

Strategically, Omni Capital Retail Finance (OCRF), a Point-of-Sale finance provider, based outside London, went on to design their own platform that tailors the connection between retailers and end buyers. Driven by the goal of providing bespoke solutions, OCRF collaborated with Accedia in reengineering the platform to accommodate cutting-edge customer experiences.

Download the case study to learn how this managed to bring them 140% increase in sales via the platform over the past year and a half!

OmniPort in Device

Simplifying Process Complexity

Initially, OCRF was facing an incredibly high support requests traffic triggered by platform performance issues. The quest to resolving them challenged Accedia’s team to strike the balance between rewiring existing functionalities and developing new ones from scratch.

Scalable web development, sharp risk management and latest techniques in information security resulted in a customizable loan application system, as assessed by a high rate of satisfied users.

The solution is based on a diverse stack of ASP.NET, JavaScript, Web Services and Microsoft Azure to deliver an easy-to-incorporate tool for efficient decision-making.

“They ensure our business maintains a market leading position supported by state-of-the-art technology…”

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