Mobile App Development in the AWS Cloud - Meetzoo & Accedia

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Meetzoo is a native mobile application created to improve business meetings productivity. By combining users’ electronic calendars with social media and collaborative note sharing, it enables them to access information about the people they are meeting, see if or when they met before and what they discussed. The application also allows users to assign new and track meeting actions, share notes and connect with new contacts on social media.

Meetzoo engaged with Accedia to build a stable and user-friendly platform of highest quality, designed to facilitate better workplace collaboration. Accedia met all of Meetzoo’s expectations as it not only demonstrated its industry know-how and technology expertise, but also kept a personal approach, focusing on transparency, openness and regular communication. “What was great about Accedia was that they were an extension of my own team, with no differentiation between my employees and theirs. I knew each one of them and spoke to them every day.”, says Paul Lewis-Borman, Founder and CEO of Meetzoo. Accedia proved to be a perfect fit for the client as the company puts emphasis on establishing trusting and productive partnerships, as well as achieving excellence in delivering software solutions.


Meetzoo’s main requirement was for its mobile application to be developed as highly scalable, fast and efficient as possible. As the user base was expected to increase at a rapid rate, the solution necessitated the app to be hosted on a cloud service platform that offers security, compute power, database storage, cost optimization and scalable growth.



Accedia suggested that Meetzoo’s application should be hosted on AWS as the cloud services platform is convenient, reliable, cost-effective and flexible enough to meet client conditions. Accedia oversaw the handling of the product design and the construction of a secure and multitier AWS-hosted back-end infrastructure, following best practices and guidelines of web services implementation. The team also had to ensure that the Meetzoo app was stateless across servers and thus, guaranteed scalability.

So that the solution could be quickly extended when needed, depending on app performance and popularity among users, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) was utilized. Moreover, Amazon EC2 not only detected faults and isolated failures, but also allowed for minimization of idle capacity costs.

Amazon EC2 presented the opportunity of having resizable compute capacity in the cloud – an advantage, which reduced the time required to obtain server instances and facilitated quick scale up of the capacity as the computing requirements were changing along the way. What is more, Amazon Cloud Watch was implemented to collect and track metrics, monitor log files and set alerts. It gave wide visibility of the resource utilization, application performance and operational status, which let the Meetzoo app run smoothly without any interference or breakdowns.

The initial TCO analysis was performed by Meetzoo stakeholders and Accedia at the beginning of the project. Acting as a trusted advisor, Accedia assisted the client with the estimation of the the total initial software/hardware, configuration and additional implementation costs and their comparison to the Amazon cloud solution costs. Secondly, the annual recurring cost of on-premise solutions was calculated in contrast with the cloud platform costs, including ongoing maintenance, continuous service fees, internal support, etc. AWS turned out to be the more cost-efficient option as the cloud platform involves economies of scale that continuously lower costs, “pay for what you use” model and storage capacity matched to actual usage.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned

The deployment of the project on Amazon was executed effectively without facing any major hurdles, while the time to detect disruptions and resolve arising issues was significantly shortened. In addition, the AWS cloud platform was extremely valuable to the client due to its potential to be enlarged to accommodate a growing user base and an increasing number of new features.

Overall, the launch of the application was successful as Meetzoo was prepared to quickly iterate the app with the help of Accedia in order to maintain product-market fit, essential for startup businesses. After the official release, Accedia delivered new app functionalities and provided enhancement of existing ones on the basis of user feedback. Sustaining high productivity, Accedia answered all client requests by making the proper product design and technical standards choices, while providing a comprehensive work plan and a clear vision about the objectives of the project.

Combining attention to detail with responsiveness and advisory approach, Accedia made tangible contributions to the configuration, implementation and testing of the Meetzoo mobile application. What the client found impressive about Accedia is their expert knowledge, professional attitude, flexibility and proactivity in the management of the project. Meetzoo was completely satisfied with the choices that Accedia made in terms of both design and architecture - from the carefully selected tools and processes to the AWS-hosted infrastructure.

Accedia effectively utilized the numerous capabilities that Amazon Cloud Watch can offer to developers as the component enables real-time monitoring of resources, provides insights through detailed reports and statistics to secure seamless operations and equips with customized performance notifications in. Thus, Accedia team was able to carefully oversee the activity, and adjust cloud resources consumption accordingly to make sure that the app runs smoothly and efficiently.

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