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Software Development Outsourcing: From a vendor to a strategic partner

Who is this paper for?

The past year has been challenging for the business. Some industries had to speed up digitalization, while others had to deprioritize innovation initiatives in favor of cost restructuring that yields quick results. Whether to reduce costs or increase flexibility, lots of business owners and IT managers faced the need to elevate their software development outsourcing relationships, up to a strategy that ensures business continuity.

Intended namely for those looking to get more value from outsourced services, this whitepaper outlines the steps on the path to migrating from a buyer-vendor to a strategic partner relationship. Download your free software development outsourcing whitepaper to:

Software development outsourcing made easy

Accedia offers a partnership that considers your goals – multi-speed sourcing, joint product development outcome/output-based models, and more.  In the software development outsourcing whitepaper, you will find more details about the below steps to set up an offshore software development team or add expertise to your existing team. 

About Accedia

Accedia is a professional IT company, specializing in Technology Consulting, Software Development, and IT Operations Management. Founded in 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Accedia has become one of the fastest-growing technology companies in EMEA, according to Deloitte and Financial Times. The company has a global track record of successful projects with clients in more than 19 countries on 5 continents – from America to Japan, from Finland to South Africa and Australia. Accedia can offer you to: 

software development outsourcing whitepaper

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