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Business Analysis: From A role to Mindset

Throughout the last decades, software development has evolved radically, with the Business Analyst role inevitably following suit. Consequently, this webinar explores the dynamic within different organisational & technological contexts and traces the phenomenon of Business Analysis, shifting from a role to a mindset.

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Indeed, while Waterfall development usually sees Business Analysts solely as Requirement Engineers, Hybrid and Agile methodologies empower them as facilitators, Product Owners or even Project Managers. Ironically, this spectrum’s far end exhibits start-up cultures which do not recognise Business Analysis as a separate position, but rather adopt it as a mindset shared by all.

However, this hardly points to the role’s extinction, as neither of these principles is a silver bullet, nor are they universally applicable. Therefore, in this webinar you will learn:

  • The applicability of each approach to different contexts
  • The pros and cons of adopting either principle
  • The features of the Business Analyst mindset

This talk was part of the IRM UK’s Business Analysis Conference Europe 2020. 

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About the speakers

Business Analysis Webinar Speaker

Krasimir is a Project manager at Accedia with strong background in software architectures and agile methodologies. He has more than 10 years of experience leading projects from small startups to big international clients like SAP, IBM and DELL. He is applying technology and management best practices to increase the efficiency of the teams and maximise the benefits generated by the technology projects. Currently, he is involved in managing multiple projects in parallel, leading diverse and distributed teams, and dealing with different development methodologies. 

Business Analyst

Bozhidar is a Business Analyst working at Accedia and possesses extensive experience in both technology consulting and traditional software development. He has worked on projects with starkly different contexts, from large-scale technological implementations at leading UK financial institutions, to more bespoke engagements with boutique clients. He has a significant expertise with the practical application of Agile methodologies, and is passionate about the way technological innovation can be employed to enhance or even completely redefine business processes.

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